Doctor Roberts got close to the flames: 'We had to get him out'

29-11-2020 19:28
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Doctor Roberts got close to the flames: 'We had to get him out'

Doctor Ian Roberts and driver of the medical car Alan van der Merwe were the heroes of today. They were there when Romain Grosjean had a hard crash. Roberts explains how he proceeded in that first round.

Grosjean's car in half

“The first lap went as normal, we followed the drivers and then we saw very high flames. You had half the car facing the wrong way and the other half halfway up the guardrail," said Roberts in a conversation with Sky Sports F1 about the accident.

Marshall did a good job

“We stopped and when I looked to the right I saw that Romain was trying to get out of the wreckage. We had to get him out somehow. The marshall with the fire extinguisher did just enough to put out the flames," Roberts continues.

"Then I was able to catch him and help him over the guardrail." Roberts had to get very close to the flames to support Grosjean after the crash. While he doesn't have a protective suit for that. The doctor can laugh about it and says it has given him a good tan.

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