Critical words towards the team: "I didn't think we were sharp with the strategy"

29-11-2020 18:16
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Critical words towards the team: I didn't think we were sharp with the strategy

Max Verstappen did everything he could this weekend, but in the end there was no more in it than a second place finish. In hindsight, the Dutchman is not completely satisfied with the strategy, but he is also especially happy that it all ended well for Romain Grosjean. 

"Not normal. He was really lucky," is the first reaction of Verstappen in front of Ziggo Sport's camera. "Then you can see that Formula 1 cars are really strong. I wasn't in favour of that Halo at first because it didn't look good, but today it has saved someone's life."

Verstappen criticizes Red Bull's strategy

In the race, however, Verstappen went straight into battle with Sergio Perez. "I don't have anything to lose anyway, so I put in the throttle right away. Our starts are just really bad, sometimes you just have to take a little more risk.

"I didn't think we were sharp with the strategy today," Verstappen continues. "We let Mercedes go in first, which I don't understand. Then comes another slow pit stop and then another pit stop that I don't quite understand. I'm not saying we beat him [Hamilton] today, but we could have done much better as a team."

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