"You have to remember that Bottas has to take on me.

28-11-2020 08:57 | Updated: 28-11-2020 09:51
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You have to remember that Bottas has to take on me.

Lewis Hamilton recently took his seventh F1 world title and currently seems unbeatable. The Britishman is aware of that and acknowledges that his teammate Valtteri Bottas has a tough challenge at Mercedes alongside him.

Bottas 2.0 is correct name

The 2020 figures speak for themselves once again. Lewis Hamilton is in a class of its own compared to teammate Bottas. The Briton has taken ten victories this season while Bottas had to settle for just two. This season's low point for the Finn was reached in Turkey when he was lapped by the seven-time world champion.

Jenson Button doesn't see Hamilton coming under pressure as long as there isn't a stronger challenger alongside him, but Hamilton himself disagrees. Motorsport.com quotes Hamilton: "The media have called him Bottas 2.0 and that's what you see him working on every year. He's constantly fine-tuning to raise the bar a little higher."

Bottas has a lot of bad luck

Hamilton sees his teammate closing the gap in qualifying on Saturday. "If you look at the races you can see that my reliability has made all the difference. Valtteri has had more bad luck with the reliability this season. The difference seems to be bigger than it actually is.

"I don't think you should forget who he's up against either. It's not easy being my teammate. He starts every weekend with the same attitude. He never complains that there is something wrong with the car, but he always wants to improve himself.

"I don't know any other driver who does that, but maybe we have that in common. Mentally, he is one of the strongest drivers I know."

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