Verstappen: “They don't have that speed reference”

27-11-2020 21:21 | Updated: 27-11-2020 23:17
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Verstappen: “They don't have that speed reference”

It is well known that Max Verstappen likes gaming, and that he regularly participates in simraces for Team Redline. In a conversation with David Coulthard for sponsor Max and Jos Verstappen spoke about racing in the simulator, both in games and for Formula 1.

Jos Verstappen says he is glad he didn't have a simulator in his time. "When Max used to play on the Playstation I couldn't get as close to the screen as he did, because I would get nauseous," said Jos Verstappen. However, he does now have a simulator at home, in which he is quite good according to Max. "But I can't play for more than an hour," he added.

Difference between simulator and reality

Max explained that there is a big difference between the simulator and real racing, but there is a lot of data to be gained from steering and braking. "I've adjusted my brake pedal very stiff compared to the real simracers, because it feels more like that in my car," said Max Verstappen.

"In the car you can feel it all over your body, so it takes some getting used to. I did learn how to be precise with steering. For example, I often steer too far, because in real life I feel when it's too far. In the simulator you have to find exactly the right angle."

David Coulthard then asked if we will ever see simracers make the transition to Formula 1. "There's also the fear factor. If you go 300km/h, you're going to think you might end up in the wall. They don't have that reference of speed yet. Also, you're not used to the G-forces, so you'll probably get sick because you're doing it for the first time. But never say never, it will be very difficult but maybe there is someone with a natural talent for both," added Max

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