Verstappen wants to leave 'day on which everything went wrong' behind him

26-11-2020 16:08 | Updated: 26-11-2020 16:19
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Verstappen wants to leave 'day on which everything went wrong' behind him

Max Verstappen drove his worst race of the season in Turkey, at least that was the conclusion of the analysts afterwards. Whether he could do something about it or not, the Red Bull driver now admits that it was not the best race. He looks forward to doing better in Bahrain.

During the press conference in Bahrain, Verstappen looks back on the dramatic race at Istanbul Park for him. He mentions the 'disastrous' asphalt, but that was certainly not the only thing that caused the bad race.

"You can always learn something, but it was a day when everything went wrong, with the spider and the tyres... It just doesn't work because of several factors," Verstappen said.

In Bahrain Verstappen hopes to achieve a podium finish for the first time in his career. The circuit in the desert has never been a happy location for Red Bull in other years. Once again the Dutchman thinks that a victory will be difficult.

"There is always a chance, but we usually don't have a chance to win here."

Verstappen about life as a star

Finally, he is also asked about the sports news of the week and the death of Diego Maradona. A sports hero who ultimately seemed to suffer from his immense popularity. Max Verstappen does not seem to have suffered as a result so far.

"What is very important is to have the right people around you. It's different, of course: different sport, different time. I don't live in the Netherlands either. COVID is also nice in a way: people can't touch me like that," says Verstappen, who tries to keep the conversation light-hearted.

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