Norbert Haug can't split Hamilton and Schumacher

24-11-2020 19:21 | Updated: 24-11-2020 23:39
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Norbert Haug can't split Hamilton and Schumacher

Lewis Hamilton has matched Michael Schumacher's record of seven World Championships and as expected the comparisons have begun. Norbert Haug has been explaining what makes the pair of them such great champions.

The elixir of a super champion

Norbert Haug, former boss of Mercedes-Benz motorsport, explained in a conversation with that Schumacher and Hamilton are quite similar in a way. "They love what they do, they challenge themselves more than anyone else and both go a step further, never give up and are positively dissatisfied.

"What sounds like a contradiction is the elixir of a super champion. Without that, you can become a winner, but not a permanent winner," Haug said.

Climbing the mountain

Anyway, both drivers - Schumacher and Hamilton - have quite a few similarities, but at the same time they also differ from each other. "You can reach the summit from different sides, but the possibilities of the mountaineer must be very similar, otherwise he will fall.

"Michael and Lewis have the intense focus on what they want, they ask for more, do more, work more and make more. These qualities are present regardless of the type of person. Both are very special among the specialties.

"If I'm serious, I can't give you an accurate answer," Haug added when asked who was the best.

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