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Perez is still hoping for a seat for 2021: "I'm probably at my peak"

23-11-2020 16:32 | Updated: 23-11-2020 17:04
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Perez is still hoping for a seat for 2021: I'm probably at my peak

Sergio Perez is still without a seat in F1 for 2021. According to the Mexican, it's mainly because of the machine he drove in the past seasons. For the majority of that time, it was almost impossible to finish higher than seventh place in the championship.

Potential not seen

"From my side it’s been a good season but also Formula 1, it’s so much related to your car’s potential," says Perez talking to "I think I’ve had very good seasons in the past but they were not seen as a good year because of the car potential"

Perez will be replaced next season by Sebastian Vettel at Racing Point, which will continue as Aston Martin. Since the announcement of Vettel, there has been much speculation about the future of the Mexican. He himself thinks he is at the peak of his powers. "I think right now I’m at a very good level in my career — I think probably at my peak in terms of experience, understanding, communication-wise with the team as well," says Perez.


"I think the season has been a bit up and down due to a lot of things," Perez continues. It's not just things that happen on the track that affect his performance. "I’m sure this podium will help us to finish the last few races on a high."

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