'Mercedes has exceptional results from the wind tunnel for 2021 car'

23-11-2020 16:06 | Updated: 23-11-2020 17:03
by GPblog.com
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'Mercedes has exceptional results from the wind tunnel for 2021 car'

Mercedes have already worked hard on the 2021 car. The FIA has indicated that all cars will be required to have 10% less downforce by making changes to the floor. Mercedes, however, has compensated for this 10% elsewhere.

The floor will have to be substantially modified before 2021 in order to comply with the new rules imposed by the FIA. In addition to the floor, the diffuser at the rear of the vehicle will also be tackled.

Mercedes find compensation

According to the Italian branch of Motorsport.com, Mercedes have already found a solution to compensate for the downforce reduction. Mercedes have already tested the new developments in the wind tunnel and the results were extraordinary.

The reduction of the downforce was precisely what the FIA wanted, so that the Pirelli tyres could last longer. Without the downforce reduction, Pirelli would have had to use higher tyre pressures in the tyres, which would have reduced their grip.

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