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Villeneuve supports Hamilton: That gives credibility to all his titles

Villeneuve supports Hamilton: "That gives credibility to all his titles"

23-11-2020 06:19 Last update: 08:41

Lewis Hamilton has already won seven world titles, but according to some, this is only because he drives a car that is by far the best in the pinnacle of motorsport. Jacques Villeneuve is of the opinion that Lewis Hamilton should have more respect for his achievements in Formula 1.

"Ok, he has the best car, but Bottas also has the best car," Villeneuve says at Sky Italia. The single world champion believes that Hamilton has certainly earned the credits for that.  

Hamilton impresses at Istanbul Park

According to Villeneuve, Hamilton's qualities were well reflected in last week's Turkish Grand Prix. In the treacherous conditions, he finished with a lead of more than thirty seconds on the number two Sergio Perez. Bottas himself was nowhere to be seen and had to settle for fourteenth place.

"In difficult situations like in Istanbul, any driver would have decided to take no risk, to drive more carefully – but he didn’t. He won that race in a big way and above everything else, it gives credibility to all of his championships," said Villeneuve.

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