Hamilton will be knighted by the Queen at the New Year Honours

22-11-2020 07:31 | Updated: 22-11-2020 10:28
by GPblog.com
Hamilton will be knighted by the Queen at the New Year Honours

By winning his seventh world title, Lewis Hamilton has established his name as one of the best drivers ever. Although he is thus on a par with Michael Schumacher, he still lacks great recognition from his homeland. The Brit has not yet been knighted by the Queen of the United Kingdom, but according to The Sun, this will change.

The British medium says it has been a long time coming for Hamilton due to taxes. Because he lives in Monaco, it had to be investigated whether he pays enough taxes and avoids anything by living in sunny Monaco. The Honours Committee has now given the green light, so Hamilton will be knighted at the beginning of next year.

Knighted on 1 January

So, although Hamilton lives in Monaco, he is one of the top 5000 highest taxpayers in the UK. That is why Hamilton will be knighted by the Queen on New Year's Day, the New Year Honours. Hamilton himself was still subdued after his dominant victory in Turkey. 

He said there that he would rather give the honour of being knighted to someone else. "When I think of that, I tend to think of people like my own grandfather who served in the war." However, the Seventh World Championship is enough for the British Queen to knight Hamilton on the first day in 2021.

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