Wolff stands behind Hamilton: "For me, that is absolutely acceptable"

21-11-2020 10:44 | Updated: 21-11-2020 11:55
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Wolff stands behind Hamilton: For me, that is absolutely acceptable

According to Toto Wolff, Lewis Hamilton's political statements fit his 'strong personality'. The seven-time world champion is vocally opposed to racism, but sustainability is also very important to him.

Political statements

Mercedes team boss Wolff has no problem with his driver's political statements. "Above all, I think Lewis has gradually developed not only as a driver, but also into a very strong personality. And these issues are very close to his heart," Wolff explains to Motorsport.com.

"He knows he has a wide range and wants to use that voice for themes that touch him," Wolff continues. "This is absolutely acceptable to me, it has only raised his profile." The Austrian team boss says that Hamilton is polarising, but that he can live with that.

"I still prefer someone who polarises but brings out a message rather than someone who is a bit too polished," says Wolff. By the way, Hamilton's performance on the track does not suffer. He has won ten of the 14 races this season, securing his seventh world title.

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