Marko: "He was very nervous because the tires were wearing off"

20-11-2020 16:19 | Updated: 20-11-2020 16:39
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Marko: He was very nervous because the tires were wearing off

When Max Verstappen spun and Racing Point were struggling, Alex Albon had a chance of victory in the Turkish Grand Prix. However, he also spun and missed his opportunity. Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko has been analysing Albon's performance in Istanbul.

Albon managed to overtake both Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel on the track. Something he could do thanks to the rain and the wet track. Nevertheless, the Red Bull driver was heading for a nice end result.

However, he was nervous because of the tyre situation, believes Helmut Marko. Auto Motor und Sport quoted the Austrian: "Albon also lost space and time because of a spin. Above all, he was very nervous because the tires were wearing off."

Should Red Bull have stayed out? 

Marko continued: "We should have stayed outside on the track like the experienced Hamilton and Perez. The tires would have been repaired at some point. Albon was too nervous.

As the drivers drove on intermediates to get rid of the water on the track, the grip eventually decreased. The tyres were wearing out as the track became drier. However, if Albon hadn't gone in for a new set of tires, at some point his tires would have worn down enough to act as a fine set of slicks.

Marko concluded with some positive words: "In the end he was still on the road. He was even faster than Max."

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