23 races in 2021 a lot? It's going to be even more

19-11-2020 19:26 | Updated: 19-11-2020 21:42
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23 races in 2021 a lot? It's going to be even more

The Formula 1 calendar consists of 23 races in 2021. Some of which have already been complained about because it would be far too much, especially for the mechanics. However, Formula 1 goes a step further, because the calendar will grow even further in the coming years.

New circuits on the calendar

The coronavirus epidemic created a surprising calendar this year and many of the circuits are liked by drivers and fans. According to F1 boss Chase Carey, this is certainly being looked at. “Many locations we raced at this year expressed great interest in new races and other countries have stronger than ever interest", says Carey on Motorsport.com.

Carey expects the calendar to grow to 24 Grands Prix in the coming years. "We will probably rotate a few races so we will be able to accommodate a few new partners. They will be limited as long-term partnerships continue to be our priority.”

The coronavirus

In January Carey hands over the baton to Stefano Domencali. He does so with peace of mind, because he thinks that the sport will be in a healthy state in the years to come. “We have successfully weathered the challenges of the virus in 2020", says Carey. For next year, as many events as possible will be held in public again. "We are planning for 2021 events with fans that provide an experience close to normal and expect our agreements to be honoured.”

“That being said, we recognise that we do not have a crystal ball as it relates to the virus, so we will be prepared for the unknown. But what we are certain of is that when the world moves past the virus that F1 will be prepared to pick up where we were before the virus interruption.”

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