Schumacher in 2008: "Records are there to be beaten"

16-11-2020 10:55 | Updated: 16-11-2020 11:48
Schumacher in 2008: Records are there to be beaten

Michael Schumacher captured his seventh and final world title in 2004. In 2008 the German was interviewed by Formula 1. In it he was asked whether he expects his record to last forever.

Records are there to be broken was the German's emphatic answer, alluding to some potential drivers who could do it. "I would say absolutely yes. Nobody thought, and neither me, myself ... I thought I could be the five of Fangio And then I did. I increased it to seven. Records are there to be beaten."

"And I'm quite relaxed that one day it will happen. Whether it's Lewis, whether it's Massa or it's Sebastian Vettel . It might be somebody of the current or of the future that could or will do it. I have no problem about it,” Schumacher said. Twelve years after the interview, Lewis Hamilton has matched the record of the 51-year old driver. 

In 2021 Hamilton will have the chance to move out on his own, assuming he stays in the pinnacle of motorsport. 


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