Hamilton: "We saw people even like Max, who is great in the wet, spin"

15-11-2020 18:49 | Updated: 15-11-2020 19:37
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Hamilton: We saw people even like Max, who is great in the wet, spin

Lewis Hamilton thought the Turkish Grand Prix was quite a tricky one. The track conditions were very treacherous and that made it an intense Sunday for the Mercedes driver. The Briton talks in the press conference about how he saw Max Verstappen spinning, fought duels with Sebastian Vettel and finally passed both Racing Points.

"I know everyone was struggling but I was struggling behind that group of cars that was ahead of me," says Hamilton. The 34-year-old driver emphasises that the conditions were bizarrely difficult. "Then, we saw people even like Max, who is great in the wet, spin and lose control and have to do extra stops."

Vettel impresses

The seven-time world champion was trapped behind Sebastian Vettel for a long time. "It was so frustrating not to be able to get past him. But also I was thinking, 'you know what, Seb has had the toughest year, I would say arguably perhaps in his whole career' and I just thought he was driving so well, but at the same time I was like, 'he’s doing so good, but dammit, he’s in the way, the guys up ahead are getting away!" Hamilton explains.

In the second part of the race, the British driver got better at his rhythms. "All of a sudden I found a few things that improved the handling of the car and I started getting around in much quicker laps and I started to close on Seb, and then he pitted. And I knew, for me, I was like: 'There’s no way you guys are pulling me in. These tyres aren’t done and the track is in this progressive state and it’s not going to dry up fully by the end of the race.'"

Hamilton experience decisive

Hamilton has experienced similar situations in the past and has, in its own words, benefited a great deal from them. "So I knew all these things from all these experiences I’ve ever had so I was able to use history, to use past experience to deliver those laps I was doing afterwards. And as soon as I could see the Force Indias ahead I knew that it’s game time. You’ve just got to keep your head, keep your cool and don’t make mistakes,” said Valtteri Bottas' teammate.

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