At the end of November Horner wants clarity: "It's entirely up to the regulations"

14-11-2020 08:54 | Updated: 14-11-2020 10:19
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At the end of November Horner wants clarity: It's entirely up to the regulations

Since Honda announced that they will leave Formula 1 after the 2021 season, Red Bull Racing has had to look for a new engine supplier. Team boss Christian Horner wants clarity in a fortnight's time.

Newey does not yet interfere with engines

Red Bulls designer Adrian Newey is not yet busy with the new engines that are to be installed in the Red Bulls from 2022 onwards. "Adrian is the last one to put pressure on these things. So he'll have to wait and see what turns out to be the best option," says Horner in conversation with

"But of course practical matters still need to be sorted out. Motor things take a lot of time. If we take on the motor project [from Honda], that will mean a lot of work behind the scenes," Horner explains. "At the end of this month we need to have a grip on our situation."

New sticker

Horner states that Red Bull's aim is still to use the Honda engine from 2021 in 2022. "In 2022 we would prefer to continue with the engine that we will have in our car next year, but with a different sticker on it."

According to Horner, it's a shame if the Honda engines end up in a warehouse, but whether they can be used in 2022 remains uncertain for the time being. "It is entirely up to the regulations, but we would like to continue in this vein," concludes the Brit.

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