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Hamilton does not yet want to comment on Saudi Arabia: Need to know the problem

Hamilton does not yet want to comment on Saudi Arabia: "Need to know the problem"

08-11-2020 11:52 Last update: 13:19


When Formula 1 announced last weekend that it would host a Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia in 2021, there was considerable criticism of it through various channels. Amnesty International, among others, was critical because of the human rights violations in that country. Lewis Hamilton, who has shown a great deal of social involvement over the past year in particular, was therefore also asked for his opinion on the matter.

For the time being, however, the world champion is still cautious on this subject and says that he needs to look into the matter first. "I think it is important that I know exactly what the problem is before I comment on it," he says to Motorsport.com.

Formula 1 is on the right track according to Hamilton

Hamilton is aware, however, that Formula 1 is currently visiting countries where the human rights situation leaves something to be desired and is not having a positive effect in the long term. He believes that sport should try to bring that situation to light and improve it as much as possible.

Hamilton would like to emphasise the initiatives that F1 has taken this season. In his view, that is already quite a step forward. "We have already seen this year the positive change that we as a sport are becoming more committed in supporting human rights, equality and inclusiveness."

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