What does Verstappen think about RB16 setup? "Third place!"

31-10-2020 07:50 | Updated: 31-10-2020 09:13
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What does Verstappen think about RB16 setup? Third place!

The Grand Prix at Imola, the Emilia Romagna GP weekend is about to start and Max Verstappen emphasises that in a short weekend like this and on a new circuit it is always a gamble with the tuning of the car. Red Bull Racing have a good simulator, but that doesn't complete the picture yet. However, there's a good chance for a podium.

No shorter weekend for the drivers

Because of the long distance from the South of Portugal to Italy, the F1 organisation have opted for a shorter weekend. The complete Friday - and thus two free practice sessions - were cancelled. The result is a single practice session of 90 minutes on the same day as qualifying.

At the Ziggo F1 Cafe, Verstappen tells us that it can either go two ways in such a weekend. The Dutchman kicks off and talks about his day: "It doesn't differ much. I was already here yesterday [Thursday, ed.] to do a COVID-test and continue sitting in my hotel room. Not ideal, but what do you do about it?"

Verstappen does expect a podium

According to Verstappen, is a short race weekend a good concept? The Red Bull driver continues: "It depends on whether your car feels good. If you have problems with the balance, of course it's not ideal, but if you have a good set up right away it is".

Pitreporter Jack Plooij is curious what Verstappen thinks about the setup of his RB16, but Verstappen immediately jumps to the conclusion: "Third place!"

Closer explanation of the Dutchman is: "I think our simulator is pretty good. It's just always a bit of a gamble when you go back to a circuit where you haven't raced for a long time as a team. Of course, I have never driven an F1 car here. So we have to wait and see."

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