Ferrari has already tested the new floor for 2021

27-10-2020 14:16 | Updated: 27-10-2020 16:30
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Ferrari has already tested the new floor for 2021

With the end of the season in sight, several teams are already working on their cars for 2021. For example, last Friday Mercedes tested the car without the DAS system. Ferrari completed the power source updates and they also appear to have tested with components for next year.

New floor

In Portugal, Ferrari drove a new floor in order to collect the data needed to comply with modified regulations in 2021, which see downforce reduced.

The FIA plans to reduce the downforce by 10 percent to create more excitement. For example, as of 2021 it will be forbidden to have grooves on the floor and also a piece will be removed, which should aid the intended downforce reduction.

The floor is therefore different from the one the team normally uses, and photos in possession of show that Ferrari tinkered mainly at the back of the floor, as there was extra curvature to be seen. Furthermore, the brake ducts will have to be narrower, and this too has been tested by Ferrari in Portugal, along with shorter slots at the diffuser.

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