"Albon is a bit like a football coach who is being protected"

26-10-2020 15:23 | Updated: 26-10-2020 17:12
by GPblog.com
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Albon is a bit like a football coach who is being protected

Louis Dekker, the Dutch F1 journalist, thinks that Albon's time at Red Bull has come to an end. The Thai finished the race in Portugal in a disappointing twelfth place.

Red Bull team boss Christian Horner was asked after the race whether it would not have been better to leave Pierre Gasly in Alexander Albon's place. Horner thought this was nonsense and said it had not mattered. Dekker, F1 journalist at the NOS, doesn't really think so.

"If it doesn't matter anyway, why did they switch them last year? I do know that Alex Albon did better last year in the RB15 than Gasly. But I see everywhere now, not just this weekend but all year round, exactly the same thing happening to Albon as happened to Gasly last year. You see a driver going to the dogs."

"Verstappen has rolled out well there"

"Apparently this happens when you are a teammate of Verstappen," he continues the Formula 1 podcast of the NOS. "That also happens when Red Bull does what Red Bull does, namely promoting talents very quickly. We all know that Verstappen rolled out very well there, but the others could not. The problem with Red Bull now is that they openly admit that they no longer have anyone. It has to come from outside. 

"Of course we still hear that he gets all the support from the team and that they give it to him, but Alex Albon is a bit of the football coach you still hear: 'No, we really have faith in him, we'll be all right. ”But if he loses 7-0 again next weekend, he is gone,” Dekker concludes his speech.

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