Hamilton reflects on his 92nd win

25-10-2020 17:48 | Updated: 25-10-2020 20:22
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Hamilton reflects on his 92nd win

Lewis Hamilton now holds the record for the most race wins. He took that record victory in style, after a difficult start, he was able to take back the lead in a calculated way and never looked back. Afterwards, he wass be able to speak to Sky Sports about his achievement.

“Of course I wasn’t expecting to lose ground to people at the start, but then to fight through the way I was able to afterwards. I was thinking it was a marathon and not a sprint, so I was probably a little over cautious, but I have a championship to lose, so I did what I though was right."

Hamilton and engineer Bono on the podium together

“It was so good to be on the podium with Bono, because it’s the longest partnership with an engineer that I ever had. I think we understand each other very very well," continued Hamilton, who says the joy is the same after every victory.

“I’ve done this so many times in my life and it doesn’t matter how many Sundays you get, It’s like the first time every time and that’s why I really love doing what I do. To be able to do it at a level I was being able to do it today, I pushed for that. Even when I fell back to third I kept believing.”

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