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Hamilton emotional: That’s the highest sign of respect

Hamilton emotional: "That’s the highest sign of respect"

18-10-2020 16:33 Last update: 19:19


It was a great moment after the race at the Nürburgring; Mick Schumacher gave one of his father's helmets to Lewis Hamilton in honour of equalling Michael Schumacher's record of 91 victories. However, it is not Schumacher's first helmet that Hamilton has at home.


Hamilton was clearly emotional when he was handed the helmet. "To have his family honour me, I'm just incredibly humbled. You know his son is such a great bright talent and just a really genuine human being so Michael's obviously raised a great man in him and I look forward to seeing how his career will look moving forwards", the record holder said to Motorsport.com.

Special moment

However, it is not the first helmet of Michael Schumacher at Hamilton's home. The Brit tells of a moment in Abu Dhabi 2012, during Schumacher's last race. "I went over to the Mercedes hospitality and met with Michael and we exchanged helmets. That for me was a moment that I will never forget. One of the really, really special moments for me," says Hamilton. He finds the exchange of helmets very special. "That's what us sportsmen do and it's the highest sign of respect that I can think you can really show. So to have the legend of the sport do that with me was really special.”

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