Horner warns: "Have to be careful that F1 doesn’t become a dinosaur"

18-10-2020 13:30 | Updated: 18-10-2020 14:31
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Horner warns: Have to be careful that F1 doesn’t become a dinosaur

Red Bull Racing are not in an ideal situation now that Honda have announced their departure from Formula 1 as an engine supplier before 2022. The Austrian race team needs to find a new partner, but Christian Horner is also looking ahead. After all, only three manufacturers of power sources are currently in the pinnacle of motorsport, is that really what we want?

"It poses some questions for Formula One to consider about future engine technologies", says Horner in conversation with Sky Sports about the departure of the Japanese supplier Honda. According to the British Chief, saying goodbye is a warning. "It’s brought into the spotlights what is the future of engines in the F1 and should we consider a new technology forward from the 2026 introduction date."

Formula One needs to think about questions

The current engine regulations for hybrid engines will end after the 2025 season, but until then power units from only three manufacturers will have to supply all teams. "I think If you look at the complexity of these engines, no manufacture would come into Formula One under the current rules. I think we have to reduce significantly the costs. We have to reduce the variability between the engines. I think F1 has decisions to make about what is the future."

There are different options for Formula 1. "We have obviously biofuels to consider and to look at and the introduction of same of that is due in 2022. But do we look at something totally different for 2026 or even bring that forward ideally maybe even to 2025. You could consider hydrogen or other technologies", he explains.

Entertainment also plays a role

If biofuels are to be used, this will also have an effect on the entertainment value. "Or should F1 just be entertainment and it be high revving engines with an element of technology to them. There are some fundamental questions that need to be considered," said Horner, who prefers to drive again with V8 or V10 engines. "As a fan I would like to go back, but we also have a responsibility.

In any case, Formula 1 has to remain attractive for the fans, as the team boss of Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon emphasise. "I think that we have to be careful that F1 doesn’t become a dinosaur though. That our children are still fall in love with the sport", he concludes.

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