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Brundle very pleased with Hulkenberg: Would make a great duo with Perez

Brundle very pleased with Hulkenberg: "Would make a great duo with Perez"

17-10-2020 20:25 Last update: 21:52


Although Nico Hulkenberg has only been able to drive two Grand Prix this season, he has convinced many people that he deserves a spot in Formula 1. One of them is Martin Brundle.

On Saturday morning he had a cup of coffee and in the afternoon he suddenly had to take a seat in Lance Stroll's RP20 as the Canadian fell ill for the Eifel Grand Prix. Cold in the field, Nico Hulkenberg understandably didn't make it past the 20th place on the grid, but in the race, the German managed to work his way up to P8.

An achievement that Martin Brundle is very positive about. "Nico Hulkenberg substituted for Stroll at the very last minute and despite finishing last in qualifying, he drove strongly - and aggressively where necessary - in the race to achieve eighth place and more points for the team," said the analyst in his column on Sky Sports.

The best German in the field?

Hulkenberg's performance during his races was also remarkable. "In the last eight races, despite arriving twice at the very last minute, he has gained more points than Sebastian Vettel."

Martin Brundle therefor sees an opportunity for a few teams in Formula 1. "Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg would make a great duo for someone in the sport..."

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