Marko: "This allows him to be a kind of mentor"

17-10-2020 08:20 | Updated: 17-10-2020 10:09
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Marko: This allows him to be a kind of mentor

Red Bull Racing advisor Helmut Marko is positive about Mick Schumacher's development. The Austrian does not mind that Michael Schumacher's son is not part of the Red Bull junior programme.

Combination of Alfa Romeo

Marko is pretty sure that Schumacher will make his debut in Formula 1 at Alfa Romeo next season. "We know which drivers are on the market and also who is talking to whom. Therefore I think you can assume that Mick Schumacher will drive at Alfa Romeo next year, together with Kimi Raikkonen," Marko quoted by

According to Marko, this driver combination is a very good move. With Raikkonen, Schumacher will get the most experienced and honest driver next to him. "Kimi will certainly not withhold anything, which makes him a kind of mentor for Mick. The name Schumacher is also very useful for the team, which is why I also think it will be Schumacher."

Pressure of the name

The influence of the name Schumacher has two sides. "On the one hand, the pressure of such a name is enormous. But on the other hand, the name Schumacher makes things easier in more ways than one. So far he has handled it very well," says Marko.

Support for Red Bull's junior programme was not necessary for Schumacher. Marko says that everything up to the management was well organised for the young German. "With him it was immediately clear: if he has the talent himself, he will make it to the top."

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