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Pirelli is still going to test prototypes for 2021 tyres on 'new' Portimao

Pirelli is still going to test prototypes for 2021 tyres on 'new' Portimao

16-10-2020 13:04 Last update: 13:39


Because earlier tests with Pirelli's new prototype tyres could not go ahead, the Italian tyre supplier was faced with the problem that they did not have data available to design and produce the new tyre for 2021. That's why they will use Pirelli's prototypes at Portimao this weekend during the second free practice session.

"The aim is to develop a relationship with higher reliability. This, means that we can drive at lower pressures. This, together with a reduction in downforce, should allow the tyre to work better and prevent overheating," explains Mario Isola to Motorsport.com.

Few data for 2021

"It cannot be a completely new product as we only get a chance to test it in Portimao, on a circuit we have never been to and over which a new layer of asphalt has been laid." According to Isola, this makes it more difficult to collect good data. During FP2 each team gets three sets of the prototype tyre, with which they have to drive in the first thirty minutes of training.

"I cannot say exactly what kind of prototypes we are going to bring, as the teams could benefit from that. We don't want to give them information like 'I have tried this tyre and other teams have ridden on that tyre'. Furthermore, we are going to make the plans for the teams and they will probably drive the same number of laps with both cars. The goal is, since they get three sets in total, that a driver drives two short stints and a driver drives a longer stint, within thirty minutes," Isola concludes.

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