Marko pleased with the progress made at the Nurburgring

15-10-2020 12:03 | Updated: 15-10-2020 12:14
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Marko pleased with the progress made at the Nurburgring

According to Helmut Marko, Red Bull Racing have taken another good step at the Nurburgring. Not only he was satisfied with Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon, but also the car itself.

Close to Mercedes

"Front and rear are better connected," said Marko as quoted by Auto, Motor und Sport.

"The nervousness in the back was less than ever this year. We can apply more pressure. We need to do that so that Mercedes can't drive at the usual slow pace. Unfortunately it only worked for Valtteri Bottas this time."

Red Bull did not have a particularly smooth winter. The dates of the wind tunnel and the reality didn't fully match. This problem has now been solved and the problem with the instability of the car is getting less and less. “Developments have brought us a step forward,” said Marko.

New engine in 2021

Mercedes still have a small lead in terms of the chassis, believes Marko. "They are better at rapid changes of direction, like chicanes." The Honda engine lacks about 15 to 30 hp compared to the Mercedes, but Honda is working hard on a new engine for 2021.

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