Carey wants change in F1: 'The hardcore fans will resist'

14-10-2020 15:27 | Updated: 14-10-2020 19:38
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Carey wants change in F1: 'The hardcore fans will resist'

Departing CEO of Formula 1 Chase Carey believes that F1 has not changed enough. No format changes are considered, such as the reversed grid sprint races. F1 should hinder these changes less and Carey thinks it should try out more.

Examples from other sports

According to Carey, this kind of change would not work well for purist Formula 1 fans either, but according to him, other sports have proven that this kind of change can help. "Most sports, when they've talked about changes, the hardcore fans resist change", explains the American at the F1 Beyond the Grid podcast.

Carey mentions examples from Major League Baseball and the NBA that came up with changes that fans often didn't like in the beginning. "Really in most of those cases, not all, but in most cases, those changes have ended up being viewed as positive, bringing fresh energy, bringing a fresh perspective", Carey continues.

Don't turn it upside down

"I think you have to be careful that you don't gimmick-up the sport, that you're recognising the importance of history and the importance of what has made this sport special, but not let that become a straightjacket that doesn't enable you to consider changes that may truly enhance the sport for fans", Carey ends.

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