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Feedback Hulkenberg provides updates at Racing Point: 'Invaluable'

Feedback Hulkenberg provides updates at Racing Point: 'Invaluable'

13-10-2020 09:20


Nico Hulkenberg impressed with his return to the Formula 1 circuit, but behind the scenes it is no different. According to the technical director of Racing Point, Hulkenberg's feedback has led to updates.

During the Grand Prix of the Eifel Hulkenberg was again present at Racing Point. After the German had impressed Silverstone before, he did so again at the Nürburgring. Hulkenberg left a good impression with the feedback he gave to the team, Andrew Green says.

Hulkenberg provides updates

''His feedback is very interesting for us, because the updates we had on the car were a direct result of his feedback at Silverstone. So his feedback after the race was very interesting for us. He just mentioned some of the things he wanted to do on the car and what he felt with the setup. We made those changes, but of course we never knew he would get back in the car,'' says Green according to Racefans.net.

Hulkenberg did, however, return and so the team got feedback on the new updates. ''It was very interesting and important to get that feedback. You don't feel that kind of adjustment in four laps of qualifying, so it's almost impossible for him to adjust. So he needed some time in the car, but by the end of the race he had been in the car enough and his feedback was invaluable again'', Green concludes with praise.