Lammers about choices from Red Bull: "Hard to estimate what they're going to do"

12-10-2020 08:18
Lammers about choices from Red Bull: Hard to estimate what they're going to do

Jan Lammers is pleased that Red Bull seems to be on the right track with the new updates from last weekend in the Eifel Grand Prix. According to the sports director of DutchGP, this offers a perspective for this season and next season. Furthermore, the Formula 1 analyst states that Nico Hulkenberg would do better than Alexander Albon in the RB16.

"The good thing about that upgrade is that it's a step in the right direction, but what's most important is that it says they're on the right track," says Lammers at De Telegraaf. According to the former Formula 1 driver, Red Bull has now understood what went wrong in the first weeks of this season. "They seem to have the leak over what they had at the beginning of the season."

Second Red Bull victory on the way?

If the Milton Keynes-based race stable is able to continue along this line, there may still be a victory in the lines for Verstappen. "If they can embroider on that, we can expect something for the rest of this season. We'll also be driving these cars next year, so a progression for this year also offers prospects for next season," he explains.

For Albon, the final Grand Prix of the year is all about saving his 2021 spot. The British Thai is coming under increasing pressure as a teammate of Max Verstappen. "He can't make an impression. He has done it occasionally, but at the bottom of the line he falls short. The crazy thing is that everyone thinks he just has to be able to do this."


He thinks Nico Hulkenberg would do better at the moment. "If you're trying to imagine that Nico would be sitting next to Max, you'd expect him to be two or three tenths behind it. In the race he is also a bit short of Max, I expect. But I think Albon should justifiably worry a little about his place," said Lammers, who doesn't dare to speak out loud who will be the second driver at Red Bull next year. "It's hard to estimate what they're going to do. It's also difficult to estimate what the contracts will be like."

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