Horner is in a hurry to find an engine: "It's only natural that we're talking"

12-10-2020 08:07
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Horner is in a hurry to find an engine: It's only natural that we're talking

Red Bull will have to look for another engine supplier due to the departure of Honda before 2022. Christian Horner was spotted on the paddock not only in the presence of Cyril Abiteboul but also people from Ferrari and Daimler. Horner wants to make a decision quickly.

"There are clearly three current suppliers at the end of 2021, so it's only natural that we're talking to those suppliers," he said in Red Bull Racing's press conference. "We have a little time on our side to evaluate all the options. It is inevitable that there will always be a discussion about engines if you don't have one for the 2022 season."

Choice of power source must be made quickly

Horner then emphasizes once again that a choice for a new engine must be made quickly. "Ideally by the end of the year. Because the engine is an integral part of your 2022 design, it's ideal that the design team goes to the next year by the end of this year with a clear set of parameters."

However, there is another reason why Red Bull is in a hurry to make a choice. When asked whether the cost element plays a role in their decision, Horner says the following. "I would say, not at this stage. But that's why you don't want to drop the decision after the end of the year," which he seems to be referring to the budget cap starting next year.

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