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Hamilton knows he still has to fight for more!

Hamilton knows he still has to fight for more!

11-10-2020 17:23 Last update: 17:52

Lewis Hamilton has spoken fine words about teammate Valtteri Bottas and rival Max Verstappen. The latter, according to the 35-year-old, is an enormous talent that is bizarrely fast in Formula 1.

"I was dreaming of one day being here but it's beyond by wildest dreams," says Hamilton at Sky Sports. He tells the British medium that it wasn't an easy Sunday afternoon. "It was so tough today. I had a good start and Valtteri did an amazing job into turn 2 and I am really proud of him coming back hard."

Hamilton keeps an eye on Red Bull

Hamilton certainly still takes into account the fact that Red Bull can challenge him. "Maybe there will be tracks that favour them. Then going into next year it will be a similar car and it will be close between us two. What's crazy is that with 91 wins it never gets easier," he concludes.

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