Abiteboul denounces marketing Formula 1: 'Failing to get the message across'.

07-10-2020 12:53 | Updated: 07-10-2020 13:02
by GPblog.com
Abiteboul denounces marketing Formula 1: 'Failing to get the message across'.

Honda's departure from Formula 1 has caused quite a stir, as has Cyril Abiteboul. According to the current team boss of the Renault F1 team, the departure shows how poorly Formula 1 communicates to the outside world.

Abiteboul hates Honda's departure from Formula 1. Now that the Japanese have left the royal class, only three manufacturers remain. Mercedes, Renault and Ferrari. Abiteboul feels that this is a bad thing for the whole sport and, moreover, it may not have been necessary.

Failed in marketing

Formula 1 is longer on sustainability and carbon neutrality. People think much greener and make more environmentally conscious choices than people think. The only problem is that this message is not being communicated properly: "It's just more evidence that we have failed in putting together the right messaging and the right marketing of these engine regulations, which are mind blowing - there is nothing more advanced in the world in terms of automotive powertrain', says Abitbeoul to Autosport.

Abiteboul continues on the technology used in Formula 1: "There is nothing that even gets close to this efficiency level for light vehicles, so that's remarkable". The team boss is astonished that this is not properly highlighted: "It's just the basics of marketing, we need to get the world to know what we're doing, not simply do it and complain about it", the team boss concludes passionately.

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