Lack of understanding about Honda's timing: '2022 was the ideal opportunity'

07-10-2020 06:47
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Lack of understanding about Honda's timing: '2022 was the ideal opportunity'

Honda is leaving Formula 1, and the moment when that happened has caused confusion. Journalists Tom Clarkson and Lawrence Barretto discuss the possible reasons for the departure.

It is not the first time that Honda has withdrawn from Formula 1. The last moment was in 2008 and they will regret it. After years of driving in the middle of the race, the team finally seemed to have it on the road. However, with Mercedes engines and the leadership of Ross Brawn, BrawnGP immediately became world champion in 2009.

Why is Honda leaving now?

The current situation reminds Clarkson of 2008. ''This just reminds me of 2008. Red Bull is about to make it happen. They are now the second team by default and are getting closer and closer. In 2022 there is an ideal opportunity with the new regulations and that would have been the moment for Honda to become world champion," says the journalist. However, Barretto, employed for the same medium, refutes that.

''How many times have we said that Red Bull is in a good position to compete for the title. Red Bull also looks better now simply because Ferrari is gone. I hope they can make the move in 2022, but Honda apparently has no confidence in that. They've had several years to see how Red Bull works and apparently don't see what they want'', concludes Barretto in the F1 Nation Podcast.

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