"Lewis might want to test himself against Verstappen"

06-10-2020 14:13
by GPblog.com
Lewis might want to test himself against Verstappen

Honda's choice dominates the news, as did the Formula 1 Nation podcast with Tom Clarkson, Alex Jacques and Lawrence Barretto. Max Verstappen suddenly has to talk about his own future. According to Barretto this can indeed lie with Mercedes.

"I think Max and his team are going to talk to Mercedes. Lewis will still be signing up, but in two years' time things will look different. Lewis may already have nine titles by then and maybe he wants to test himself against Verstappen. I see Mercedes and Max as a serious option."

Hamilton and Verstappen as possible teammates is an option that has of course often passed by but is usually considered impossible. Neither driver is a second driver, which can cause a lot of friction. For the fans it would be fantastic because at the moment both drivers are seen as the best on the field.

Retaining the Honda bike

In the past, according to Jacques, Red Bull has indicated that they would like to build their own engine. By buying the rights to the Honda engine before 2022, this would finally be possible for the Austrian team. On Tuesday the rumour came out that Red Bull is thinking about this option.

"With their own engine they only need someone who has experience in running an engine department. Let Andy Cowell be free" the men joked. Cowell was the head of the engine department at Mercedes. Another option is to go back to Renault. "I don't see that happening again. The only ones who would want that grain are the makers of Drive to Survive," Clarkson said.

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