Albon says he has not been a victim of racism in F1
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Albon says he has not been a victim of racism in F1

03-10-2020 09:03 Last update: 10:02

Alexander Albon has looked up to Lewis Hamilton in the past, just like many other youngsters aiming to make it to F1. Furthermore, the Red Bull Racing driver states that he has not had to deal with much racism during his path to Formula 1. 

Hamilton was the first black F1 driver and in doing so he inspired people of ethnic minorities to make it to the highest possible level. "Truthfully, on my side (my) ethnicity I also saw kind of as a way to stand out. It was also a way to even for myself to get me through the junior formulae" Albon said in a press moment by Red Bull.

Albon had an easier road to Hamilton

The road from Hamilton to the pinnacle of motorsport was not as smooth as Albon. “I was always backed through Thailand and I always had that opportunity. So definitely there were different ways about it,” says the British Thai, who had little direct experience of racism in his youth. "I was brought up in a good school, a private school and, yeah, no issues."

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