The future lies with Mercedes: "Possibly in a slightly different form".

30-09-2020 16:10 | Updated: 30-09-2020 16:45
 The future lies with Mercedes: Possibly in a slightly different form.

There has been spoken about the future of Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes for many months now. Wolff has now indicated that he will stay 'as long as he enjoys it'

The future of Wolff most likely lies with Mercedes, although the team boss does not yet know for what period and what his role will look like. It is quite possible he will stay on as team boss, but possibly his function will look a bit different. For example, the team boss was not present at the Brazilian Grand Prix last year, this could happen more often in the future.

In Sochi Wolff told Corriere dello Sport and others about his position and the possible changes: "I think I am going to vary some things. I've always said that you have to realize when the time comes to go from very good to very good, because from that point on you can no longer contribute to the performance", possibly the team boss is referring to the fact that then stop making progress.

"I don't think the time has come yet (to stop) but as a team we always look at potential promising young people. We don't want to get in the way of talent so we are already working on every position for the future," Wolff told Sky Sports after the race in Russia.

No departure yet

Although Mercedes is looking for new people in all positions, Wolff will not give up his own place as team boss. "It doesn't mean I'm leaving as team boss but I'm already looking ahead. I'm a shareholder and part owner of the team, so I'm not saying I'm quitting, on the contrary, I'm just thinking," concludes Wolff.

So his future remains uncertain, although it will most likely be at Mercedes. Especially now that the job as director of Formula 1 has gone to Domenicali.

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