Verstappen celebrates its birthday: The nine Formula 1 victories in a row

30-09-2020 09:47
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Verstappen celebrates its birthday: The nine Formula 1 victories in a row

Max Verstappen is celebrating his 23rd birthday today and where many of today's top drivers at that age had hardly any victories in their pocket, the counter of Verstappen is already at nine. We will list these nine highlights of the Red Bull Racing driver's career once again.

Spanish GP 2016

Max Verstappen has one year and four races experience in Formula 1 when Helmut Marko is on the phone. During the season Verstappen already has to switch to Red Bull Racing, where Daniil Kvyat has made the bucket run over in Russia with his famous 'Torpedo' on Sebastian Vettel. Verstappen will have time to get into Red Bull, but Max doesn't need that time.

The Dutchman already qualifies handsomely in fourth place in Spain and is in the right place at the right time. Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are knocking each other off the track, creating a unique opportunity for Ferrari and Red Bull. The strategy of Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen turns out to be the best and so they fight it out for victory. A strong piece of tyre management brings Verstappen the victory, with which he will go down in the history books as the youngest race winner ever.

Malaysian GP 2017

After the unique achievement in Spain, we have to wait a long time for a second victory for Verstappen. In Malaysia he will already be close by in 2016, but will have to leave the victory to teammate Daniel Ricciardo. When his Red Bull, and especially Renault's engine, breaks down at the beginning of 2017, the irritation starts.

However, all that emotion comes out in Malaysia, where Verstappen (after Kimi has been dragged off the grid by a problem) can start from second place and Hamilton beats Hamilton in a duel for victory. Verstappen is very happy, but the emotions with father Jos and sister Victoria say enough. The Verstappen family needed this victory.

Mexican GP 2017

Now that it is clear that Verstappen is not a one-day fly in the ointment, his third victory in Mexico will followed soon. Verstappen grabs his very first pole as Vettel in an extreme attempt to undercut the Dutchman's time. However, Verstappen is aggressive at the start and when Hamilton and Vettel meet, Verstappen has already disappeared on the horizon.

Austrian GP 2018

The start of 2018 Austrian GP is perhaps the most difficult moment in Verstappen's career. Where Renault's engine fails at the beginning of 2017, it is Verstappen itself who makes mistakes at the beginning of 2018. Where Ricciardo takes two victories in China and Monaco, Verstappen misses those moments by crashes and mistakes in the race.

From Canada, however, the button has been turned and Verstappen doesn't look back either. This mature attitude also gives him the victory in Austria after two podium finishes. His Austria to be precise, because with all the Orange the Red Bull Ring almost looks like a circuit in our own country. Once again Verstappen has to deal with Raikkonen, but just like in Spain Verstappen keeps the Finn behind him.

Mexican GP 2018

After the victory in Austria it is again a matter of waiting for a victory, but it comes on a track that Verstappen seems to be very good. In Mexico, Verstappen once again takes a pole position and where last year it was possible to point to another car, it is now Ricciardo who prevents Verstappen from becoming the youngest man on pole.

Verstappen knocks the board over on the grid and is clearly unable to speak after the qualifying session. On Sunday, however, the button has already been turned and if Ricciardo does not get away from his place properly, Verstappen will be able to take full advantage of it. He wins the race, with a wide margin on his competitors.

Austrian GP 2019

In 2019, the Orange party may break loose again when Verstappen drove the Red Bull Ring in the final phase of the race to victory. A year ago Verstappen also won on the home circuit of Red Bull, but now Verstappen is being made a bit more difficult. From second place Verstappen seems to have an ideal starting position, but if there are problems with his start the chance of victory seems to be lost.

Anyone who thinks so, however, has counted outside of Verstappen, overtaking car by car to still achieve his goal. In the end, there is a duel between Charles Leclerc and the Dutchman. Verstappen wins, but only knows that late in the evening when the stewards decide not to take any action. It is the first battle between the two top talents, but certainly not the last. They have met many times in karting and will be two rivals in the future battle for the world title.

German GP 2019

In spite of the switch to the Honda engine, Verstappen already took his second victory halfway through the season. In a chaotic rain race on the Hockenheimring, Verstappen emerges as the winner. Where many a top drivers make mistakes, Verstappen remains calm and scores a wonderful victory.

Brazilian GP 2019

Verstappen has impressed Brazilians over the years and is often compared to Ayrton Senna for a reason, but after seeing his victory over Interlagos go up in smoke in a crash with Esteban Ocon in 2018, nothing can stop him from winning in 2019.

Verstappen starts from pole in Brazil, but due to bad pit stops and Safety Cars Hamilton keeps popping up in front of him. Verstappen, however, does not give up and knows how to get past the Brit every time. If Pierre Gasly is allowed to take the podium second, the party for Red Bull is complete.

Silverstone 2 GP 2020

Where Red Bull, Honda and Verstappen were pinning their hopes on a title battle in 2020, that is very disappointing. Mercedes is once again omnipotent and despite Verstappen's great races, he can never really attack the Mercedes duo. However, it succeeds once, when the combination of circuit, temperature and tyres all fall into place.

From fourth place Verstappen will drive to victory during the anniversary edition at Silverstone, when his Red Bull doesn't seem to suffer from tyre wear. Where many fans still hope for an exciting title battle after this victory, Mercedes solves the problems and (apart from the victory of Pierre Gasly in Italy) has dominated every race since then.

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