Robert Kubica: "I don't understand the criticism of F1"

18-09-2020 21:26 | Updated: 18-09-2020 21:48
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Robert Kubica: I don't understand the criticism of F1

Robert Kubica, a former Formula 1 driver, doesn't understand the fuss around the 'boring' races. He does not share the opinion that today's races are too boring due to the dominance of Mercedes.

The current test driver for Alfa Romeo says to that this is just a phase. "Formula 1 has always had different phases with boring races. The strange thing is that some drivers say the race is boring, but they only see it from their perspective". As a spectator at Spa, he saw it differently. "There was good racing in midfield by Gasly and Perez and there were some interesting strategies.

"At the front it was boring yes, I admit that. It is normal that the drivers want to fight more and the fans want to see better races, but we have to understand how this sport works and how these cars work. The cars are just not built to race every lap wheel to wheel, and that is not new. This is what I was talking about in my first year, 15 years ago now."

"Differences must be reduced."

The Pole says that it depends mainly on the differences between the teams. "If the difference had been smaller, you would have had better races and more excitement. But if we judge a race by the number of overtaking manoeuvres, it becomes a completely different story. Sometimes a race can be very exciting because of the strategies. I think we need to teach people better what is going on during a race. That's one way to get them on the benches".

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