Williams: ''The new owners deserve someone who can give anything for them''

17-09-2020 07:01 | Updated: 17-09-2020 10:56
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Williams: ''The new owners deserve someone who can give anything for them''

Claire Williams and her father officially resigned from Williams so we did not see the family at the Tuscan Grand Prix. It will take some getting used to, but at the moment Claire is completely done with it.

Williams energy has run out

In 2002 Claire started within the team of her father Frank Williams. The founder of the team is then still Williams' team boss and brings Claire in after her studies and period as a press officer at Silverstone. Within the team she grows step by step, until she officially takes over the role of executive team boss from her father in 2013.

Now seven years later, however, it is over. Dorilton Capital has taken over Williams and that takeover has made Williams decide to quit. ''I'm done with it too. I've had my chance and I've run out of energy. The new owners deserve someone who can give everything for them and that's not me,'' says Claire to The Telegraph.

Claire has inspired women

''Everyone knows that I am emotionally involved in this team. I am doing this because of my father and my family. I took on his role to protect my parents' legacy. They created this. But I didn't feel I could put as much energy into it as I had to do it for someone else,'' says Williams, who is pleased to have been able to take the role.

''I’ve always believed that these roles are meritocratic, but it's played into my head that I'm the only woman in this job and that people are motivated to get into Formula 1 because they see me in that job. Now I'm surrendering that role and it would be great if I inspired one woman to come and work in the sport," concludes Williams.

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