Binotto aims for 2022: ''We are not looking for one victory''

17-09-2020 06:27 | Updated: 17-09-2020 10:38
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Binotto aims for 2022: ''We are not looking for one victory''

Ferrari has had a tough time in Italy and it does not look like it will get any better this season. Mattia Binotto and his team are aiming for 2022 and are working hard to compete for the prizes.

Binotto continues to dream

Since 2019, Binotto has been able to lead Ferrari to race wins, but under the leadership of the Italian, the team has fallen further and further away. Binotto, however, is not new to motor racing, because as a designer and engineer, Ferrari's current team boss has been in the sport for years and has already seen the highlights with Michael Schumacher.

''In those 25 years I have seen that there will always be moments that are very difficult, but in those situations you have to be patient and determined. You can never be satisfied in Formula 1 and must always want to improve. We're not talking about one victory, but we want to create a foundation on which we can achieve our goals,'' said Binotto to

Ferrari aims for 2022

Creating such a solid foundation is not easy, Binotto also knows. ''I have the support of the management to implement this plan, but also the support of the whole team. That is important, because as a team we have to achieve those goals and create a basis for a new cycle at the top." How long that will take is a question mark for Binotto.

''We are now in a difficult situation because of the regulations. We are not allowed to develop a lot of elements and we have limited time in the wind tunnel and simulations. In 2020 it will be very difficult, 2021 I hope we can do better, but in 2022 we will have our best chance," concludes the Ferrari boss.

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