Race leader Masi: "Gravel pits not possible everywhere"

16-09-2020 13:24
by GPblog.com
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Race leader Masi: Gravel pits not possible everywhere

Many drivers did not hide their enthusiasm about Mugello last weekend. Not only the track itself was applauded, also the presence of many gravel pits could count on the approval of many drivers.

In contrast to many modern tracks, there are many gravel pits around the track at the more old school Mugello. When drivers make mistakes, the track is implacable. There is also less discussion about the track limits, because exceeding them is immediately punished by the gravel pit. Something the drivers themselves are very much in favour of.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that there will be more gravel pits on the tracks in the future. Race leader Michael Masi states on Motorsport.com that gravel pits cannot be found everywhere. "We have to come up with suitable solutions for each circuit in consultation with the owners and users. We will continue to work on this. We have already discussed this with the drivers. Let me put it this way: gravel pits are not the solution everywhere".

Alternative from the Grand Prix Drivers Association

Sebastian Vettel, President of the Grand Prix Drivers Association, came up with a compromise: a narrow strip of gravel between the track and the run-off area. "You don't want to go wide because of this. It's not an easy decision, but all that asphalt around some circuits takes away character and makes it too easy to make mistakes", said the German. "As a driver you prefer to be punished as soon as you leave the track, but you have to find a balance between gravel and asphalt in case things go wrong".

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