Nürburgring hopes that Schumacher's Ferrari test is in Germany

15-09-2020 09:38
by GPblog.com
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Nürburgring hopes that Schumacher's Ferrari test is in Germany

The return of the name Schumacher in Formula 1 seems inevitable. Mick Schumacher is at the top of the F2 championship and will be given the opportunity to test in a free practice session by Ferrari. The Nürburgring hopes that Mick will get the chance in Germany.

Nürburgring wants Schumacher

Schumacher started as a big favourite during the Formula 2 championship, but at the beginning of the season he had to acknowledge his superior in Robert Shwartzman and Callum Ilott. Those two drivers are also part of the Ferrari juniors programme, but are now behind the German in the championship standings.

So while Shwartman and Ilott still have to fight for a place in F1, the chances of Schumacher getting into Formula 1 already seem enormous. The German will be tested by Ferrari in a free practice session and will most likely be a driver at Alfa Romeo in 2021. The test at Ferrari would of course be great at home.

Return of Schumacher in Germany?

''We are of course following the developments surrounding Mick Schumacher closely and there was of course a confirmation from Ferrari that there will be a test for him. It would of course be an emotional story if this could be done at the Nürburgring. After all, our track was his father's home'', says the circuit director, Mirco Markfort, opposite Express.de.

The test at home would of course be the ultimate stunt for Ferrari. Formula 1 will return to Germany this year, as the Nürburgring has been included in the new calendar. Ferrari indicated that a few things still need to be sorted out before the test can be announced and perhaps it plays a role that Schumacher with the F2 will not be present in Germany that weekend.

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