Vettel critical of Bottas: You have to be aware of such things as a leader

Vettel critical of Bottas: "You have to be aware of such things as a leader"

13-09-2020 18:20

Sebastian Vettel actually believes that Valtteri Bottas is guilty of the crash on the long straight at the restart. The Ferrari driver is of the opinion that the Finn should change his approach to Safety Car restarts in the future, because his current approach is dangerous.

"It is simply unnecessary. As the leader, you have to be aware of such things," Vettel is quoted by The four-time world champion argues that Bottas should have done things differently. "If you want to wait, you should wait a long time and then step on the gas, but don't stop and go."

It's dangerous if you keep getting off the gas at the front. "Five, ten vehicles behind you are then most likely to have an accident. Fortunately, all of them were uninjured," said Vettel, who had to settle for just one World Championship point. "We simply didn't have the pace in the race. That was all we could do, even now with the engine modes, where everyone is in some way the same, that's our maximum."


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