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Ferrari strategist: "That forces us to adjust the tactics lap by lap"

24-08-2020 09:47 | Updated: 24-08-2020 12:40
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Ferrari strategist: That forces us to adjust the tactics lap by lap

According to Ferrari strategist Iñaka Rueda, Ferrari has strategically taken a different path since competing in midfield instead of at the front. According to Rueda, the way they work in midfield is very different from that of a top team.

"The strategy has become more complicated", says Rueda to Auto, Motor und Sport. "In recent years it has been our job to open a sufficiently large hole for the first pit stop. Now we are fighting in a group of drivers and teams that are very close together. That often forces us to change our tactics lap by lap."

The role of traffic

"Traffic hardly played a significant role in our strategy in the past. Now it is crucial", Rueda explains. A good example of this is last week's Spanish GP. In lap 47 a certain strategy was impossible, while it was possible in lap 51. "That's why we have more radio communication than before", Rueda ends.

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