Binotto: "Clarity, transparency for the fairness of the competition and for F1"

14-08-2020 17:38 | Updated: 14-08-2020 19:51
Binotto: Clarity, transparency for the fairness of the competition and for F1

Between the two free practice sessions in Spain, Mattia Binotto spoke about why Ferrari protested against the sanction imposed on Racing Point after driving illegal brake ducts. The 50-year-old team boss calls "clarity" and "transparency" important for the future of Formula 1. 

“Being an appealing party, I don’t want to enter into many details. I don't think that would be appropriate," Binotto said in the FIA press conference Friday afternoon. Ferrari mainly wants to achieve clarity by appealing against the penalty of Racing Point.

Binotto considers ICA necessary

The Italian top man believes there is a good chance that this clarification will come about by going to the International Court of Justice (ICA). "Their decision will somehow open to a wider and broader discussion, which is to the entire car and not only on the brake ducts. And that’s what we are really looking for," he explains.

In 2009, rules were introduced in Formula 1 to prevent copying parts. At the time, Sebastian Vettel won at Monza with his Toro Rosso. However, that car was in fact a spoiled Red Bull. "That's why I don't think that it's good for the sport," Binotto said. "But again it’s not down to me to judge and that’s why I think that the ICA will be important in that respect.”

Ferrari also believes that the concepts of the teams should be protected by the FIA. “If someone would somehow copy almost an identical car of the previous year of a competitor I think the set of regulations should somehow protect the competitor itself."

Ferrari wants transparency

Binotto continues his story: "Clarity, transparency for the fairness of the competition and for the Formula 1 for the future is important," he concluded. 

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