Wolff: "Hamilton must stay with Mercedes, he can achieve success"

14-08-2020 16:20
by Matt Gretton
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Wolff: Hamilton must stay with Mercedes, he can achieve success

For Toto Wolff, 2020 could just be the last year in the service of Mercedes. The team boss of the German team has shares in Aston Martin, which will be on the grid from next year. Wolff's contract also expires this year, which means that his options are open for 2021.

He himself is not yet worried about his future. “These are discussions which are ongoing, and which are positive, and I enjoy them. I don’t want to give it a spin that I’m leaving, because that is not the case. It’s just I’m in a moment of reflection where F1 is heading to, what is happening around the Covid case, and also personal reasons which I said before," Wolff explains to Formula1.com.

Hamilton doesn't need Wolff

The whole Wolff family spend time away from each other because while Toto is in charge of the Mercedes F1 team, Susie Wolff is sticking with Formula E. "Susie is in a good place running a Formula E team and that means she’s away a lot. I’ve been to God knows how many Formula 1 races, I think 120 F1 races in the last eight years. And that’s something we’re thinking about."

“What that means for the future is a decision I need to take, together with my wife, and together with Ola [Kallenius, Chairman of Daimler]. That doesn’t mean I won’t be around as a Team Principal, or I won’t be around in another role. It’s just that I’m thinking about it." Wolff's choice will not affect Lewis Hamilton's choice, he expects. “I think Lewis staying at this moment is the best he can do and is what he wants to do. He has the possibility of achieving great success going forward, winning more races and hopefully championships," Wolff concludes.

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