F1 postpones deadline Concorde Agreement again after 'legal remarks'

12-08-2020 19:47
by GPblog.com
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F1 postpones deadline Concorde Agreement again after 'legal remarks'

The 12th of August should have been a very important day for Formula 1. On this day the deadline for signing the Concorde Agreement was scheduled. Now this deadline has been postponed again, this time to August 18th, right after the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix.

It's the umpteenth time Formula 1 and the teams are unable to meet the deadline at this point. This time it was made public that there is still disagreement about the distribution of the TV funds proposed by Liberty Media.

Especially Mercedes is a fierce opponent of this and feels that it is more disadvantaged than its competitors. Ferrari will get extra money for their historic contribution to the sport, something that Mercedes feels it has too.

Formula 1 has received some remarks

Although Mercedes via Toto Wolff threatened not to sign this treaty with this content, Auto Bild Motorsport came with the rumor that they would. Formula 1 informs Motorsport.com that the current treaty needs to be looked at more closely because it has received some 'legal remarks' .

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