Hamilton compares social role with Senna's: "Had such an impact"

12-08-2020 18:22
by GPblog.com
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Hamilton compares social role with Senna's: Had such an impact

Of all the drivers on the current F1 grid, Lewis Hamilton is not only the most successful, he is also the one who transcends the sport the most. Especially the last few months since his support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In an interview for the Youtube channel of Formula 1, he draws the comparison with Ayrton Senna.

"When I say something, it travels so far. That's an unbelievable power we have with today's media. That we can push for change. If I didn't, I'd wake up and think 'yes, it's great to have those world titles, but what does that really mean? It doesn't mean anything. It's about what you do with it," said the six-time world champion.

Hamilton is a man of the world

Hamilton says he feels he would do family,friends and fans a disservice if he didn't. He doesn't agree that his fight against racism and other social issues he brings to light are, according to some, not the task of a racing driver. "I live in the world, not just the F1 world."

Also in that respect he compares himself to his great hero Ayrton Senna, who was not only an important figure on the track. "He had such an impact, he moved an entire nation. And not only that, but all over the world. He certainly touched me deeply and motivated me to do what he did."


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