FIA is going to look again at radio rule: "Should be discussed from time to time"

12-08-2020 16:07
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FIA is going to look again at radio rule: Should be discussed from time to time

The FIA announces to revise the radio rule. This rule gave the two drivers of Haas a time penalty of ten seconds each during the Hungarian Grand Prix. As a result, Kevin Magnussen lost a valuable point.

Punishment of Haas

The track was still drying up in Hungary after it had rained in the morning just before the race. The team wanted their drivers to go into the pits so they could switch from intermediate tyres to dry weather tyres. The drivers obeyed and it turned out to be an excellent call, as this was one of the reasons Magnussen managed to get the first points for Haas this season.

No request from teams

The team was penalized afterwards, because the drivers are not allowed to receive this kind of help during the warm-up lap. Masi explains that they are now going to look again at the radio rule: "As we do with all parts, we will discuss everything that needs to be updated from time to time," he says quoted by

The Formula 1 race director says that the process is already underway and that all teams are working together. Masi emphasizes that the control was initiated internally and not as part of a request from the teams.

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